Where is J Pautz Properties located?

J Pautz Properties is located in Chartwell Realty at 4141 Pennsylvania Ave. Ste. 105, Kansas City MO. Office is located up the South ramp, past Port Fonda restaurant. 

Where do I pay rent?

Payments are accepted through this website. You should've received an email with login instructions.  Click here to log into your account and pay.

When is my rent due?

Most leases require rent by the 1st day of the month. There might be an occasional lease with a different due date. Be sure you are aware of your lease agreement.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

The preferred method of communication for maintenance requests will be through this website. Please click here or contact J Pautz Properties.

Is there a penalty if my rent is paid late?

Most leases provide a 5 day grace period for rent payment. If rent is not received by midnight on the 5th day, there will be a late fee charged. The fee is typically $50, but please refer to your lease.

Can I get an extension on my rent payment?

Rent is always due on your due date. Late fees will apply for late rent. Please call Jennifer directly to discuss your situation.